To co-ordinate all Muslim Welfare Associations, Baithulmals, Trusts, Societies, Foundations or organizations in any forms established for the purpose of Providing qualitative, academic, moral and religious education to all and muslims in particular and for that purpose establishing educational institutions, Establishing Madarassas and Tution centres, Aiding and assisting poor, old, sick, destitutes in preventive medical and sickness treatments and supporting their rehabilitation. Read More

Activities Of The Federationin Furtherance Of Its Objects

The activities of the Federation shall include all kinds of activity necessary for achieving its objectives as stated in the Memorandum and in particular the holding of meetings, seminars, conferences and the publication of books, periodicals as may be decided by the committee from time to time to fulfill the objectives of the Federation.

Enrolement Of Members:

1. Qualification: Muslim Welfare Associations, Societies, Trusts, Baithulmals, Foundations and Organisations established and being operational within the Metropolitan area of Chennai can be enrolled as members of the Federation.

2. Entrance Fee and Subscription: The entrance fee in respect of each member shall be Rs. 100/-. Every member shall pay a sum of Rs. 1000/- towards subscription annually.